Top 5 Infographics in the Last 7 Days (Mar 31 – Apr 6)

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Not any infographic can create a buzz in the industry and goes viral. In the last seven days, B2B Infographics has seen a huge number of views from those quality and well-thought infographics on the site. However, among the best, there are still the best of the best. That’s why every week, we will analyze the traffic, pick out top 5 hottest and most viewed infographics, evaluate them and share with you.

In fact, we would like to make the process of creating and designing quality infographics a lot easier for you – design firms. We also hope that our evaluation will make it simpler for B2B marketers to decide on what they would like to have in their infographics. The point is which one, which styles, designs and topics will engage the most.

As any contest has its own standards, we also have our own way of evaluating infographics. Basically, we evaluate an infographics based on three main aspects:

The Core Message: how the infographic expresses its main ideas.
Data Visualization: how the infographic represents data statistics and text content.
Graphic Design: the way in which the infographic uses shapes and mixes different colors.

We welcome any positive feedbacks or suggestions to make this journey more memorable and fun.


1. The SEO Puzzle (On-Page and Off-Page SEO)

One thing we can say about this infographic is creative and eye-catching. Vayumedia has been extremely successful when using the image of puzzle pieces to convey SEO concepts.

Here’s our evaluation points:
Core Message: 5/5
Data Visualization: 3.5/5
(This infographic has no data statistics which can have small impact on its effectiveness).
Graphic Design: 5/5

Total points: 13.5/15

2. Effective Internet Marketing – What Works for Marketers?

This infographic tells you about the available online marketing channels, from social media, blogging, search engine optimization, website pages to email marketing and mobile marketing and how they can affect your overall marketing effectiveness.

Our evaluation points:
Core Message: 4.5/5
Data Visualization: 5/5
Graphic Design: 3/5

Total points: 12.5/15

3. Search Engine Marketing Success

Using a map to draw a road to search engine marketing success, it’s indeed a creative idea. However, unlike other infographics which are designed to provide you with unbiased knowledge, this infographic is actually created to be a marketing piece (this can be one of the factors adding to its minus points). That said, if you want to be successful with your search engine marketing campaigns, remember to take every steps from submitting PFHE forms, utilizing landing pages, reporting to content optimization to keywords, call to action, social media and finally testing, testing and testing.

Our evaluation points:
Core Message: 3/5
Data Visualization: 3.5/5
Graphic Design: 3.5/5

Total points: 10/15

4. 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content

In today’s digital marketing, content becomes the most critical factor to determine your success. However, creating sufficient and compelling content can be a daunting task if you don’t have any clue. This infographic visualizes a creative yet easy method for you to craft interesting content that can be shared among online community.

Our evaluation points:
Core Message: 4/5
Data Visualization: 3.5/5
Graphic Design: 4/5

Total points: 11.5/15

5. 7 Steps to Brilliant B2B Marketing

SmartInsights really has smart insights when composing this infographic. Honestly speaking, the whole concept of this infographic is not something new; however, the way it is presented – well is really worth seeing.

In this infographic, you get ideas about what makes your B2B digital marketing more effective. Accordingly, you can develop a marketing strategy, build effective website, properly use search engine marketing with long tail strategies, invest in content and inbound marketing, tap into social media marketing, leverage lead generation techniques, and the most importantly always perform analysis and improvement.

Our evaluation points:
Core Message: 4.5/5
Data Visualization: 4.5/5
Graphic Design: 4/5

Total points: 13/15

Do you think that we should do something as a reward to those who have worked hard on these above amazing infographics? It would be great if you could click on the titles to visit their sites and give them some words of encouragement. They are deserved it.

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